We create, design and maintain various platforms for commodities, trading, food safety, provenance, certification and social compliance. All web enhanced and mobile ready, for on or offline use. In all our developments we employ the latest technologies, best industry standards and newest design methods, towards scalable and easy to reuse system architectures. 

Below some examples of such traceability networks include but not limited to: 


A green field project digitizing the meats industry for building specific supply chains and products using distributed ledger technologies. A consortia of 100+ participants - the largest consortia known to date - of producers, service providers and consumers of data for food. Creating more transparency in the meats supply chain and thus leading the change. In addition offering optimisation, efficiency, benchmark and forecasting tools for all participants involved. 


A distributed and on/offline app designed to become a generic framework towards digitizing the global green coffee and wild honey deliveries from farmers by the a touch of a button. It helps create more transparency in the specialty coffee supply chain for both producer organisations and final consumers. The coffee growth conditions, farmer, harvest and delivery information can now become visible for all actors in the chain via the Beyco Farmer App, now available in the Apple and Google stores.


For a Dutch consortium of top tier food supply chain participants we provided the architecture assistance, design and implementation of a private permissioned network for food traceability on blockchain. Producers, processors, validators and retail networks have now the ability to independently map their entire supply chains for specific products in real time. The handshake between partners and the immutability of records provided by the underlying blockchain solution ensuring the trust in the exchanged information. These networks are offering the possibility to share product and production related information with the final consumers.



An independent initiative to provide a full repo lifecycle financing platform for commodities using the blockchain technology and hence connect the entire ecosystem of trade participants. It relies on the distributed ledgers technology using either the Ethereum or Hyperledger networks to implement the mechanics of a financing transaction and other collateral activities. Parties involved in the trade flow would exchange information in real time, secure and fully encrypted manner.


The Beyco Platfrom, is an unique initiative to establish a specialized connection platform for green coffee sourcing, traceability and trading. Roasters, buyers, financers and green coffee producers are have now the possibility of exchanging information in real time, in a fully permissioned and self configurable private/public environment.


Currently over 500 coffee companies selling or buying green specialty coffee though Beyco.

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Our Team

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Mugur Ionita, PhD

Senior Consultant, Group Management

Specialties: Commodities, Trading, Finance & Banking, Fintech, Advisory, Architecture