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Traceability for Textile Products

A case study for a fashion industry firm, we assessed the feasibility of a new business idea involving a software intensive business solution.

For a prospect client active in the fashion industry we were asked to assess the feasibility of a new business idea involving a software intensive business solution. The client active in many countries around the globe operating through partners and collaborations has reached out to Ionita Consulting for advice. Given our skill set, understanding of the problem and solution domain and capabilities we were ready to assist the client on a short notice. In our advisory capacity we're confronted with an interesting challenging problem.

Fashion industry involves multiple operations when creating a product. Be it leather, textile or fabrics, they all undergo a tedious process of preparation from raw materials to final usable items for production. Operations such as harvesting, ginning, spinning, knitting, dyeing, washing, printing, confectioning, discarding, recycling often involve human and environmental aspects which cannot neglected while looking only at the final product. Aspects such as social compliance, fair wage, fair working conditions, environmental footprint awareness and improvements, must become an integer part of the fashion industry production process as a whole. How to measure, quantify, register, disclose and improve such workflows?

In order to cover all aspect related to production a quick scan of the processes, people, business and organisations were identified. Due to the decentralised nature of the business, and mostly disconnected character of the participants and offline/online architecture has been proposed. The reliability of the data and immutability of the records has been suggested to be secured via the distributed ledger technology. In terms of speed and performance an auxiliary back-end has been proposed to store all non-essential data for dashboard reporting and management accounting. In record time a fully fledged high-level architecture has been provided to address the above mentioned problems and beyond.

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