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AI Assisted Procurement Platform

A digital assistant enhancing global procurement experience, process, productivity and enabling risk management activities

ProcureAI is a proof-of-concept case study project assisted by Ionita to create an AI-based digital platform that streamlines information and increases visibility in the procurement process from requestor to supplier and final delivery including spent. Aimed at enhancing the global procurement experience, the platform is designed to reduce the overall workload for business requestors, risk managers, global contract managers and suppliers across the board. We focused on best practices in UX/UI design, software development, AI and machine learning to ensure an intuitive and efficient process and user experience. This successfully demonstrated the gains in procurement processes improvements across all dimensions. The result is an innovative approach to building an end-to-end procurement platform with minimum effort for impact. This study demonstrated our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex business challenges and deliver substantial value to our clients.

Project in Numbers


1 month

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