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Advanced and Secure IP Management Solution

Strategic IP management enhances trademark expansion, innovation protection, cost-saving, and streamlined legal services with advanced reporting and analytics.

Effective strategic management of intellectual property (IP) is crucial for expanding private label trademarks, protecting innovation, defending IP assets, and monetizing them. A state-of-the-art IP management system is essential to fulfill these requirements, offering comprehensive functionalities for managing IP assets, generating detailed reports and analytics, and integrating case management and document storage.

Current tools lack the capability to produce necessary reports, often requiring expensive external IP law firm services. By implementing this advanced system, approximately 10% of administrative costs billed by IP law firms can be saved, equating to annual savings of USD 18,000 based on 2020 figures.

Key features of the proposed platform include a user-friendly interface for managing trademarks, patents, copyrights, and designs; AI assistant; workflow configuration; integrated case and document management; time and cost management; flexible reporting tools; and scalability for additional users. It also offers a collaboration platform for R&D, reducing legal spending, safeguarding corporate IP knowledge, and ensuring security through private key management, and deployment on a private cloud with end-to-end post-quantum encryption.

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