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Plant Passport Architecture Study

A case study for one of the largest flower trading market in the world. New ways of applying tech innovation to the current business operations.

For one of the largest flower trading markets in the world we have been invited to brainstorm about new ways of using and applying latest technological innovation to answer current business improvements and generate innovation opportunities for the flowers sector, ranging from trading to logistics and from product traceability to certification. The client is highly tech oriented applying all new technologies to his sector from robotics to virtual reality and from automation to machine learning algorithms across his various business segments and departments.

In a sector highly automated and highly horizontally and vertically integrated one still can find plenty of improvement opportunities. However sometimes it takes an outsider view or an out of the box thinking to generate new design ideas and solutions; In a continuously changing business landscape, together with domain experts and business managers we scouted out various plausible future scenarios and ways technology can address the current shortcomings and or challenges on the road ahead. With an improved landscape stretching from growers to final consumers one could tackle the various items in context and discover multiple synergetic solutions.

As a result we designed a few strategic implementation scenarios bridging the gap between business and operations and harmonising the current IT architecture landscape with the newly designed solutions together with making it more future proof. The various implementation scenarios have been translated in tactical possible plans towards realisable results in terms of concrete operational improvements and measurable business growth at affordable costs. All parties have been very satisfied with these achievements, a great pleasure to have been invited, contribute and take part.

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