Advisory and Development Solutions for 

Commodities & Trading

Ionita Consulting has been designed and build numerous applications for the commodities sector. Examples such as product traceability platforms or commodities inventory management and trading platforms are often results of our work. Looking in setting up a new public or private platform for trading? Size is not important, flow is all it counts. We can help you design, implement and deploy such solutions at record speed. 

Banking & Financial Services

Over the past fifteen years we designed, built and maintained numerous banking applications and services. These include but not limited to syndicated lending tools, commodity pricing tools, risk management calculation tools, portfolio management tools.

In a need for a new LGD model, ROI model, a VAR module, a coffee pricing module, a custom made portfolio reporting tool enhanced by specific API or price feeds? Let's talk!

Food Retail Business

For the retail business we offer advisory and implementation services for product traceability, product definition and transparency by adding a layer of on/off-chain collaboration services. Interested in the solutions we built for the Dutch retail markets? Let's organize a call and explore further how to apply this knowledge to your business.   

Hands-on Development

More and more business partners are looking for specific development capabilities for short period of time. We offer our knowledge as a service to speed up any development effort at a fraction of budget. This knowledge ranges across all modern technologies. 

In need for a specific resource to hard to find, drop us a line and we organize it for you. 

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