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ICO Funding with Investor Protection

A digital platform concept for funding and monitoring game-changing projects via ICOs, ensuring investor protection and environmental sustainability globally.

Designed to facilitate and oversee the funding of innovative projects through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) with all records digitally encrypted and stored on a Polygon blockchain. With the rise of blockchain technology, ICOs are becoming a preferred method for financing groundbreaking projects worldwide. This platform aims to promote ICO-based financing while prioritizing investor protection and take into account ESG factors associated with each initiative.

The platform concept includes mandatory State-issued labeling for token issuances on the blockchain. To obtain this label, projects must meet several criteria, including incorporation and establishment of a company, shareholder disclosure, detailed token description, governance over time, and robust investor protection guarantees.

By ensuring transparency and security, this initiative aims to foster the development of impactful projects. The platform serves as a global marketplace where progress is financed and developed, representing a significant advancement in digital financing, merging innovation with essential safeguards for investors and the environment.

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