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"We are a technology research, advisory and development company. We focus on design, innovation and automation for business and execution processes. We build platforms and custom made applications. Through our work we add more value for all the stakeholders involved. Above all, at the end of the day, we get the job done!"

Mugur Ionita - Group Management

London - Paris - Bucharest - Kiev - Amsterdam 

Our Services

We are experts in architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining software solutions for the trade finance, supply and commodities markets. In our daily practice we build end to end custom made business applications and services, deploy decentralized blockchain networks or create various distributed web and mobile applications. We brand, design and revamp new products and services. We model and design system architectures, advise and implement cyber security models, validate existing solutions on all of the above aspects, or implement new business solutions. In addition we provide technology advisory and business consulting services for and on behalf of our clients.


Business Architecture

It is our main service offering to organizations in search to improve the way their business operations are executed.

Strategy and Advisory

Bridging the gap between business and technology with a number of advisory services ranging from solution design to vendor or package selection. 

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We are researching all options to cater for most complex requirements. Delivery on time no matter how complex. 

App & Cloud


Moving all your data and services to real time, 24/7 availability, managed cloud architecture, thus  greater flexibility.



Creating decentralized networks, wallets, NTFs, digital assets for trading, with execution via smart contracts.

User Centric


Friendly design, user research studies, improvements and guidelines on best available practices 

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Applying scientific methods and algorithms to extract knowledge and insights from large sets of unstructured data.

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Offering state-of-the-art AI solutions in for e-commerce, banking, finance, healthcare, music or education.

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Custom solutions using deep learning, probabilistic models, unsupervised segmentation and many other techniques.

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Our Team

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Mugur Ionita, PhD

Senior Consultant, Group Management

Specialties: Commodities, Trading, Finance & Banking, Fintech, Advisory, Architecture


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