Tech Capabilities

We master various technologies, frameworks and tool such as but not limited to: 


Software Languages:

C/C++, C#, HTML5/ CSS3, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Typescript, Scala, Swift, Unix Shell, Windows PowerShell, XML.


Blockchain Technology: 

Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda.

Frameworks & Libraries:

Android SDK, Angular all versions, AngularJS, Angular, Material,  ASP.NET,  Bootstrap, CakePHP, Cordova, Digitalocean, Django, Drupal, ECMAScript, ES Lint, Express.js, Formik, GraphQL, Ionic, Laravel, LESS,  Material UI,  NativeScript, NestJS, NextJS, NgRx, Node.js, Nuxt, PassportJS, Phonegap 
Prettier, React.js, React-Bootstrap, React-Native, React-Native-Router-Flux, React-Router, Redux, Redux-form, Redux-thunk, Redux-saga, Reselect, SailsJS, SASS, SCSS,  Socketio, SQLAlchemy, Spring, Spring MVC, Springboot, Stripe, Symfony, TensorFlow, Unity,  Vue.js, Vuetify, Vuex, Webpack, Android

Architecture Components:

Bluetooth Protocol, EventBus, Facebook API, Bing API, Google Services API, Google Maps API, MapBox/ OpenStreetMaps API, Paypal or any other Payment processor API, RESTful Service  RxJS, SOAP, EDI, Socket Programming, Twitter API, WebRTC, XMPP, 

Server & Databanks:  

Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat, Apache http server, AWS, Azure, Docker, Elastic Search, Firebase, Heroku,  Jenkins, MongoDB, Mongodb aggregation framework, Mongoose, MySQL, Neo4j, NoSQL,  Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL, SQLite, SSL.



Chai, Cucumber, Cypress, Espresso, Jasmine, Jest, JUnit, Karma, Mocha, Mockito,  MockK, Nightwatch, NUnit, PHPUnit, Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Soap UI, Supertest, SwaggerUI, 


Architecture & Methodologies:

Accessibility, Abstract Factory, Bridge, CI/CD, CircleCI, Clean Code, Clean Architecture, Design Of Experiments, Design Patterns, Dependency Injection, DevOps, DRY,  Event Driven Programming, Facade, Functional Programming, Kanban, KISS, Microservices,  MVC, MVVM, MVP, Observer, OOP, Agile and Pair Programming, Progressive Web App, Proxy,  Reactive Programming, Repository Pattern, Scrum, Single Page  Application, Singleton, SOLID, State machine, TDD, Extreme Programming, 

Environments & Tools:

Android Studio,  Asana, AzureDevOps, Babel, Bitbucket, Eclipse, Git, Gradle, Grunt, Gulp, IntelliJ IDEA, Jira, Matlab, Mercurial, Nginx, npm/yarn, NetBeans,  PHPStorm, Redis, Solidworks, Subversion, VisualStudio, VisualStudioCode,  Xcode,  Webpack, WebStorm, Operating Systems Linux, Mac OS X, Windows,


Industries & Special knowledge:

E-Commerce, GPS Tracking, Internet of Things IOT. 



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Suite.

UI Design

Figma, UXPin, Adobe XD, Sketch, Marvel App


Hardware Technologies: 

Arduino, Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, 


Artificial Intelligence:

Autonomous navigation control, Computer Vision, Image processing, Deep Learning.


Data Mining:

PCA, K-means, Decision Trees, Linear Models, PageRank, Digital Filters, Digital Signal Processing, DTW

Machine Learning: 

deep learning, probabilistic graphical models, cart, ensembles, 
unsupervised sound segmentation, recurrent models, bayesian approach, probabilistic programming, hmm

Image Processing and Computer vision: 

AlexNet, VGG, VAE, natural language processing, PCA, tf-idf, LDA, SVM, Naive Bayes, word2vec, attention models

and anything else we need to learn in order to complements our solutions.


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