Image by Margarida CSilva

Syndicated Lending Calculation Tool

When borrowers need large capital amounts, one invites a group of financial institutions to provide. In practice this results in a syndicated structure, where the group lender leader keeps an accurate track of the assets, transfers and agreements for the entire duration of the loan. 


For an 8 bln portfolio Ionita Consulting was tasked to create an automatic calculation and notification tool to manage over 100 syndicated facilities some with often 200+ lenders. 

The assignment included a number of technical aspects: 

1. create a uniform way of calculating margins, interest, fees and rebates

2. standardize drawdown notifications and email format 

3. automate reporting process, multi currency consolidations, 

4. standardize reporting towards portfolio consolidation

5. document the framework and user guides

The resulted tool reduced the manual operations, number of tasks per user and possibility of error and hence allowed for business growth, aggregated reporting, and more importantly a standardized and fast way of sharing up to date information with the lenders as well as the borrowers. 

Looking for process improvement and automation engineers? Big Data, Automatic recognition, automatic processing, improved consolidated reporting? We are ready to build tools, applications and automations to assist and simplify the routine and repetitive manual activities for all stakeholders involved. 

Image by Marga Santoso