For a large consortia of food related international clients we were asked to contribute to a strategic solution for food safety and social compliance. With high standards in place a systematic way of approaching the subject was required. Food as main subject but internationally multi-language distributed complex business environment, with many stakeholders and project participants. Geographically in different time zones and different level of participation in terms of knowledge and skill set.  


Food safety is a top priority for every organisation, but do we really know where our food is coming from. In the quest of digitizing all transactions for a food chain an immutable record of trust is required. As chains are decentralized, many suppliers working with many processors, distributors, retailers and end consumers, the transparency in the chain and the reliability of information - verified and approved - is key to the success of any solution proposed. The distributed character of the food system requires a similar approach towards a system solution fully compatible with the client existing suite of ledgers and applications. 


In order to connect all participants involved in the supply of food and information a distributed ledger technology was proposed. All participants exchanging data in real time, posting this data on a private blockchain network and providing access to verified data for the consumer has proved to be a successful approach. Currently we operate multiple networks for food traceability with and on behalf of our clients. Such networks provide information upfront, fully digital, equipped with QR traceability, allowing an informed decision process for all participants involved. Safety made easy through transparency, upfront agreed standards and check parameters, data available 24/7 through the network for all participants and consumers of data in a private, secure, reliable and immutable way.   


For such solution latest technologies have to be employed. Mobile ready, mobile first, and fully adaptive and on all bowsers and devices were the keywords resonating throughout the project. Fully equipped with incoming and outgoing secure interfaces made the software solution fully compatible with other systems. Unique QR tagging system provides the user with a easy access to information.  


In terms of immutability of data we employed the latest developments in blockchain technology together with open source components making the entire software stack future proof and easy adaptable to any future business requirements.