Data, data, data. If it happens that you're a vegetarian, replace meat with fruit and the technical challenge remains the same. What's in my food? As products on the shelf specify just the caloric value and final ingredients of an item, this is just the first step in our journey. For a large consortia of producers, feed producers, certifiers and processors, we were tasked to build an enormously giant blockchain based data hub to follow the journey of a meat product. Took us ten engineers, three analysts, two project managers and two testers to set up the network with twenty different APIs, four portals and as many FTP's to collect the required data, evidence and offer this platform in less than one year as a key turn solution.          



Connecting data and store it with a proof of immutability, making it available to various parties with various view points. Finding out consolidation rules as well as learning aspects once the big data is available, were some of the challenges posed by this assignment. Organizing and structuring it for fast queries on large amounts of data as well as optimizing user experience to minimize the cognitive load and maximize information output in an easy, fast, comprehensive and concise manner, with personalized views per business category - even presentable on small screens.   


Image by Omar Flores

Over one million lines of code, supporting the peer to business and business to peers network required to collect, store and substantiate everything about the product. From genetics to feed and from transportation to carbon footprint, sustainability and certifications. 


An amazing platform enhanced with tools, app's and calc's - future proof - easy to upscale, enrich and enlarge - public and private, making it possible to all parties to connect to the data, consume data off the network and enrich the data lakes with new sources in a seamless and effortless manner.