Beyond Sustainable Commodities

At Ionita Consulting, we develop tools and platforms to support all trade participants to digitize their business. Our goal is to help the industry improve its trade efficiency socially and sustainably by reaching operational excellence and transparency while reducing risks, operational errors and overall costs. Our Sustainable Commodities Platform is such an example.

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   For whom do we provide this?   

For Financiers

Banks, trade financiers and lenders can use such a platform to create green finance loan, subscribe to a syndicated deal or finance entirely their own flows. Also perform KYCs and CDD checks and have full position management and monitor the various sustainability KPIs at all times.

For Traders

Traders can enjoy an all-around platform, first and foremost in a immutable, private and fully permissioned environment, via end to end encrypted and secure connections across all peer to peer business transactions. Actively measure your ESG performance and share it with your peers.

For Warehouses

Storage and logistics operators can appreciate a fully-integrated platform for all their operations, tax and event-based invoicing with no risk of miscommunication, reconciliations or operational tasks, with the ultimate goals in mind - towards a green and sustainable trade environment. 

For Insurers

Brokers and underwriters can finally have a real-time insight into their on-carry portfolios, upfront, price and accept new deals at a touch of a button or via dynamic pricing rules. Also here sustainability being the decision factor when trade cover is being provided.

For Inspectors

Inspectors can now focus on securing the quality and availability of the material, connect with customers through direct communication channels on or off-line. Secure full auditability and share inspection requests private and permissioned.

For Consumers

A fully end to end traceability digital environment reducing costs and improving the buying experience, creating an own eco-system of trade, transparency and trust. Providing an answer to the questions, where are my goods coming from, how sustainable are they and how do they contribute to my social and environmental impact.

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A Green Ecosystem of Trade

We want to reduce the operational redundancies in the trade chain by allowing various service providers such as warehousing companies, inspectors and insurers to participate and confirm their trade details on a single platform, reducing the environmental footprint by efficiency and optimisation across all trade activities. in addition we want to support sustainability and ESG goals monitoring for all trade participants through the smart use of technology, data and knowledge services we can provide.   

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