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An internationally active non-profit organisation based in The Netherlands, active in supporting coffee and cocoa producers around the world through professionalizing their products and businesses. The client's guiding principles are that by direct access to markets and access to finance organisations can improve their production capacity, quality of their products and the social living conditions of the people involved as well as contribute to the environmental diversification, preservation and renovation of their lands. For over twenty two years in this space, the client built a world wide network of members such as producers, roasters, distributors, logistics and consumers of prime commodities as well as access to social lenders. 



For the purpose of trading their goods, the match making offer-purchase between producing organisations and international buyers was often conducted by analysts and field staff or sales coordinators via different channels ranging from email to sms and telephone. With more and more member organisations around the globe receiving access to internet and smart phones, a digital way to connect the various ends of the supply chain became imperative. As parties were spread across the globe, the of data privacy, trust and immutability was a must for any solution proposed. In addition, for a perfect match, the parties connecting in a trade must be able to chat, discuss the details of an offer, sign a contract and make it visible via a public link for their traceability and transparency purposes to end consumers. 



In record time the decision was to involve blockchain technology to address the immutability of a transaction.


A distributed coffee network was created. The newly born platform was also been equipped with interfaces for professional counterparts to execute their trades. All enhanced with QR traceability capabilities.


Currently over four hundred participants trade their products through the Beyco network. The platform is currently enriched with apps for on field data collection. As the network grows additional services are prepared to be offered to the various counterparties ranging from coffee quality assessments logistics, export support, finance and warehousing services.


Visit the Coffee blockchain network at https://beyco.nl or download the Beyco Farmer App for from the Google Play store.         



For this platform we employed React technology, all open source and custom made components, incoming and outgoing secure interfaces making the software solution fully compatible with other systems. 


In terms of immutability of data we employed the latest developments in blockchain technology using Hyperledger 1.4 and various other open source frameworks making the entire software stack future proof and easy adaptable to any future business requirements.